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Champion is the premium athleisure destination rooted in original and authentic design.

The home of the hoodie, origin of the sweatshirt, pioneer of the Reverse Weave, Champion has always had innovation at its core. Original designs are elevated with superior craftsmanship and fresh details to become premium athleisure icons.

Built on a century’s worth of heritage, Champion constantly regenerates itself for today. The signature ‘C’ is a symbol of authenticity, worn by artists, athletes and creatives worldwide.




Rochester, NY, U.S.A.

In 1919 the Feinbloom brothers established the company that would become known as “Champion”.

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  our designs based on Champion

Understanding Champion and understanding where it came from and what Champion stands for as a brand was really important to us.

We wanted to incorporate the sporty and athletic origins of Champion to our brand and to our concept.

Therefore, we are working currently on designs our modern athletes of our time and trying to bring our artwork to live with a touch of surreal art to them each unique designs that we are currently working on.

These designs will be exclusively for our Champion collection.

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